Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Masked faces all around,
Wish to meet some real people!!

Words of wisdom from I, me, myself:

Don't expect everyone to meet your expectations!!

Your ethics may be and will be different from people's. So don't compare!!

Don't waste your anger and effort when things can't be changed!!

What you have to do, you have to do. So don't crib. Do it or don't!!

Music: Al pacino- Peace with Inches Speech

Mood: Sad-->Pondering-->Peaceful-->Wise-->Happy


Ravali said...

he he he he
i think live journal is the right thing for u ;)

Dizzy said...

being masked is not as bad as u make it sound....i m sure u must have met real people,if not,then u haven't made any true friends till now

gurveen said...

@rava: na baby i prefer blogspot nyday!

@doggy aka dizzy:tats true...i have met real people too yaar..its just that wen i wrote the blog i was angry at a particular friend who backed out wen i was in need..tats y gt a bit impulsive nd wrote da blog..