Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cliched yet different!

Just came up from a long session at the mess table with everyone narrating their love stories. I got all mushy at the end on how sweet every relationship was. Also, I realised how a common link ran through the building of relationships. It was almost as if there were random combinations of the same parameters. Maybe that is a very non romantic way of looking at it, but its true.

Every relationship can be divided into two categories-with senior and with batchmate

With batchmate: It starts with the inevitable bonding during some arbit project in December. Infact statistics will show maximum anniversaries during December. Maybe some Christmas spirit spills over to India also. Meals together, night outs, movies. The project gets ditched, but the relationship reaches completion..

With senior: Some fundae for some company, resumes, scholarships, fundaes for insti activities, MI seniors, dept seniors. Intellectual sessions leading to the gal being impressed. Resume gets made, schols get awarded and you get hitched in addition..

The weird thing is that inspite of every relationship story being cliched, with the same tricks and games being played, yet its still so sweet and beautiful to listen to..!!

Hats off Cupid!!


Abhipreet Das said...

Rather unfortunate dat neither did I do ne project nor ever wrked as some MI senior.. :P:P

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aditya said...

hmmm...i m goin to be an MI senior next year..hopefully it'll work fr me....:)...ur posts are always so delightful to read...love 'em..

aditya said...

by the way..shekhawat here..

gurveen said...

@shekhawat: al da best..itne coordis honge..kisi ko to pata hi lena:D:)

Alok said...


Love Ishtories :P

Heard a lot of 'em, and in varying styles of narration.

But this is interesting. Mess table gossip. :D