Monday, July 14, 2008

Family Gossip!

Eccentric relatives and mind boggling family trees
Marriage of Blah's daughter with Blah's son
Grudge for this gift and that money
Divorce of Blah's son and Blah's daughter
New borns, and passed aways
Burlesque, mockery and snorts of laughter

This is how I would describe family gossip sessions:). I just had one when I went to Delhi to my relatives place. Everyime I go I'm treated to a new eccentricity of some new relative, with an amazing imitation(thanks to mami:) ) of the same. A treat to the eyes, ears and the heart:D


Achilles's Heel said...

lolz... does auntie gossip can't really imagine that..

gurveen said...

haha nt mama..tats mami..mama's bhabhi:)
btw all females gossip..dint u knw tat?:D

PP said...

hahaha... :) :) sweet as u..

pragyag said... this time..we have lots more for gossiping and bitching around :P...with some professional training ;)
this made me remember my mami's and mama's although....sometimes its actually fun!

Ya, I Am A Dastard said...

just to inform u tht the same happens in the south of the country as well :P - somehow my northie dad's side relatives gossip/crib much less...