Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ek garam chai ki pyaali ho!

After a cup of hot steaming coffee and a a chocolate doughnut, it struck me that there were so many existing coffee cafes in India: Barista, Mocha, Cafe Coffee Day, Cuppa Coffee..and many more rumored to be opening soon: Starbucks, Gloria Jeans Coffee..but why don't we have any branded places for tea?

The only pseud place for tea that I have seen is Oxford Bookstore's Cha Bar in South Bombay. (By the way, thats one place you'll enjoy going to. They have so many different types of tea, and cool-looking designer cups, saucers and teapots. Though, I can't guarantee the taste of tea, as when I went there I had had a heavy lunch hence could only have a sip from someone else's tea.)

So coming back to the issue that there are really no pseud places which are made especially for tea in India. I guess we believe tea is something we will enjoy more at the nukkad shop rather than at a Barista? Now , I am more of a tea person. Infact, I like making tea a lot. Especially masala tea with kali mirch(pepper), dalchini(cinnamon), long(clove) and adrak(ginger). Throw it all in water, watch the water turn golden, then add chai patti(tea) and watch the water go black. Let it boil and add milk, making it go the muddy tea brown. Then pour it into colorful cups and tadaaaa..enjoy one of the most popular, tastiest drinks of India:). Nostalgically, remembering this whole routine, I once ordered tea at CCD. The waiter kept hot water, milk and tea bags on the table (for Rs. 32) and went off, allowing me to do the honours. I cribbed and cribbed for whole 24 hours till I got to have good tea in the hostel the next day.

Well, I wish someone would feel the same love for tea and open a chain of cool tea cafes. Or maybe I will, after 7-8 when I have enough money. Hmm, a cool startup idea. If someone plans to borrow the idea, do give me free coupons to your tea cafe.



Ravali said...

contrary to this... in Hyderabad in every 'galli' you would find an 'Irani Chai Hotel'.... i dont think ne of them would open a chain of cafes across India..... but u shud come thr to have it... never tried but bahut tareef suni hai :D

pragyag said...

even I am more of a tea person....isliye agar abhi mumma lunch ke liye nahi bula rahin hoti to ek garam chai ki pyali tayyar karne jati mein :D
but ek panga ye bhi hai ki the weather sucks here...i miss that rajai wali sardi :((

Abhipreet Das said...
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Abhipreet Das said...

Well said!!
n ur lukkha counter is flawed, it increases d number by 1, even if i open a new post :P
in ne case, this 5-digit no. is impressive :)

gurveen said...

@rava:try karte hain when visit HYD
@pragya:maine to bulaya tha sardi enjoi karne ke liye..abhi bhi waqt hai..aa jao..
@preet: haan i guess kuch ip address track karna chahiye counter ko..but i have no idea how to get that one..maine to bas kahin net se utha ke code cpy paste maar diya tha..

rohit said...

Strange ... i remember being at the chai bar too and landing up full...the chai she sipped was more of a gulp and the gal ate away my muffin too.Ya and she sat opposite to me. What a coincidence!

Now dun tell me u have long hair and ur fond of books too :d

gurveen said...

@rohit:hehe...oh how did u guess about da hair and o my..what a coincidence:D:D
waise blame the sip/gulp confusion to my memory:D which i guess you're pretty familiar with..:)

rohit said...

@ g'veen

Ya tht memory thing ..right..
She was supposed to tr8 me twice/thrice ..she forgot..she said she'll get me a goldfish instead..she forgot and got me a butterfly instead... lol

gurveen said...

@rohit: hehe guilty as proven..when and where do you want the treat?:D

harsh agrawal said...

good start up idea!!

Rajat said...

Tea fans must try a few varieties at InfiniTea @ Cunniggham Road, Bangalore! Amazing Kehwa they serve, and though this may sound like an advertisment of the shop, it's not! Just a place I happen to be in love with - a place which actully made me fall in love with the drink!

On the tea-coffee debate, tea wins head over heels! More varied, richer, healtier.. I wonder why Indian households adpoted the most boring form of chai I've ever sipped till date :P.