Tuesday, August 15, 2006

i stil remember

I still remember..

I still remember those nights
Moonlit, starry nights
When hand in hand we walked away
Walked away to eternal bliss
That slight fragrance of jasmine
That familiar scent of your body
I still remember..

I still remember those days
Sunny, warm winter days
When together on the green grass we lay
Lay, feeling content
That brightness of the flowers
That sight of your smile
I still remember..

I still remember those times
Depressed, frustrated, dark times
When you held me
Held me as never before
The way you kissed my eyes
The way you gave me strength
I still remember..

You have taken away a lot
Left me quite bereft
But there are things you left behind
The memories, the touch, the feel
You can’t take them away
As they, are mine
So I still remember
I still remember..

Note: inspired by the songs of silsilay. Perspective of rekha (chandni) after amitabh bachhan (amit) leaves her to marry jaya (shobha). The movie has awesome poetry narrated by amitabh. My favourite lines from this poem are “You have taken away a lot, left me quite bereft”. They somehow touch me deeply.

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