Sunday, February 17, 2008

Midsem week!

Disclaimer:This is written for the sole purpose of cribbing!

I don't like studying..I don't like exams..and I don't like people who make me J by going out and having fun when I cant..

I want something good to eat..I want to sleep..I want to finish my anything but study..


SMILE said...


I also not like to study. But one can not avoid it. Let's drope this issue. But your belive about life seems that you are kind of person who want to live life on own condition. That's good. But for that one shoul never break anybody's heart, specially perents. If one can balance between this, I appreciat his/her. Keep it up.

life is wonderful said...

oh...aisa kya...arey by the way..tujhe oos mailing list se hata diya hai ..jismein hum is week ke plans bana rahe hain..we sincerely hope ki tere mid sems bahut hi achche ho jaaye !!
by the way today rocked big time..
good luck kal ke liye !!!

pragyag said...

koi na sweety :* :* :*
we are here to erad ur cribs :P

pragyag said...

and week ke plan ab sach mein hum tujhe bilkul nahi batayenge...we do not want to distract you at all now!
bas tu maar le crib..hum comments likhte rahenge

विकास कुमार said...

all the best for midsem.

Vartika said...

he he he!
hu hu hu!!
haa haa haa!!!

dalchand said...
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dalchand said...

Every one who doesn't like to study is an IITian ... see how easy to get into IIT ... :))

Good luck for ur midsem...