Friday, February 01, 2008

One for the cravings!

I am one of the worst people I know in terms of food cravings..

Thai vegetable rice
Black forest pastry
Cheese pasta

That makes it Pop Tates, Red Box and Pizza Hut

Presently, I have people who listen to my whims and take me out to satisfy these urges. And I live in Bombay, where cravings can normally be satisfied by a single auto ride. Dunno how long this will last. Thats why I want the future to be like the present. Always..


nimit said...

pop tates , red box , pizza hut ............. i envy you . you are in bombay .... i am in goa where there is none of these ..... enjoy till you can !

ps: this bird season is good in goa btw ... one place where goa beats Bombay!

Vartika said...

and you have made me a foodie tooo!!