Friday, May 09, 2008

whats cooking these days part 2

white chane/punjabi chole(for 3 people)
ek katori chane
2 medium sized pyaaz
2 medium sized tamatar
1/2 inch ginger(adrak)
2 harimirch
namak to taste(3/4th teaspoon)
aam choor(3/4th teaspoon)
chana masala/chicken masala(catch/everest/MDH)
sukhi methi(calld kasuri methi)
kali mirch sabut(3-4)
coffee powder

overnight bhigo ke rakho..

take chane and add elaichi and ltl salt nd water to just cover in cooker..let it boil on high flame..den keep on sim after 1 whistle fr 20 mins

side by side prepare masala..add oil, den pyaaz den adrak den harimirch den oder masalas nd all...aftr onions turn pinkish brown, add tamatar..keep stirring...till masala pak jaaye...after ample time, add chane..nd 1/2 teaspoon coffe powder..(add water also of chane: DNT THROW IT AWAY)..let it mix..add dhania also...keep mixin under heat..
and punjabi chole are readyyyyyyyyyy!!!:):)

PS: now tats it...more aftr my bored of this now..3 dishes more than enuf..:):)


Anonymous said...

kya baat hai har roz nayi nayi dish:D
ladke wale dekhne aa rahe hai kya:P

Ravali said...

waaah !!!
3 dishes in one hols... cool :P
giving me inspiration to learn :D

Anonymous said...

tum bhi seekh lo kaam dega..:P

Achilles's Heel said...

hey winnie.. aacha.. waise..still i think auntie cooks awesome..let's see if the daughter can match up..

Adidas said...

interesting :) didnt know ur so cooking-enthu and blogging-enthu :) I am too - cooked lots last summer and this summer too I guess :) For a unique recipe, check out
It smells great, try it out :)

Kaala Kavva said...

i thought of an ingenuous recipe a few days ago. its basically boneless tandoori chicken..

cut boneless pieces like kaju ki barfi, marinate it, put salt pepper nimbu (swaadanusaar) and bake it!

tanduri barfi tayyar!

p.s. are you a cook or something?
(I know you'll hate this Q if you're a chef)