Friday, May 09, 2008

whats cooking these days!

Just putting recipes here so that they're always accessible to me and also to show off what all I am cooking these days:)

Lemon Chicken (to be served as starter)
1 spoon oil
1/4th kali mirch
1/4th jeera
chicken(2 leg piece)..
lemon:1 lemon

first add oil, den jeera, den kaali mirch, den chicken..keep mixing on sim..den add lemon..keep switch off gas and keep it covered..and thats it..its simple..its less oil..nd its yummyyyy

Gravy Chicken (main course)
garlic-lassan(7-8 pieces)
adrak(1 piece)

cut onions and lassan(garlic) and adrak..make paste if mixie..add to kadhai..add oil...let it become brown/dark pink..
then add tomatoes(2-3 big ones)..mix..
add salt to taste(1 teaspoon)..chicken masala if available..haldi..long..elaichi
mix and make add chicken pieces(3 leg pieces)..keep heatin till pak jaaye..
do it on sim flame..
if u have to make chicken wid gravy, add to cooker..add water to just cover the chicken..heat..

chicken ready tra la la la


saint nothing! said...

hehehehehehehe.... cant believe my eyes.. u r going into a ghareloo aurat mode! :P
relax gurveen! :D

gurveen said...

and for tat comment..u nvr ever get to taste anythng i makeX(X(X(

Anonymous said...

yeh sara material copy paste hai ya sach me banaya hai kabhi...:D:P

gurveen said...

cpy pasted lagta hai kya?itni gande way me recipe kahan likhi milegi..

life is wonderful said...

bring on the chole recipe gurl !!
saara veg toh seekh ke aana..
ab se tu apne coming attractions bhi diya karna..

chhotu said...

meinkya aye te lazeez post payi hai kudi ne.
Waise lemon chicken ka idea, mujhe accha laga, plain simple and nice..input - to make chicken more juicy wrap it in aluminium foil just as you remove it from heat.

pragyag said...

some veg too plzz!!

pragyag said...

@mallu....u shud appreciate it..u know its a very rare mode these days..and will be much rarer soon..i wonder if u could ever be this versatile!!
relax mallu :P

gurveen said...

@nana:daal di recipe
@dubey:gud suggestion!!aap kitchen functional karo apna..fir banayenge
@pragya:seekh liya veg bhi..nd mallu hear pragya hear pragya..apko pakka khilaungi pragya!!promiseeee