Monday, November 20, 2006

im freeeeee todayyy

my endsems just ended totally for 40 of of of getting up in the morning..perhaps this feeling has yet not sunk in...of being free....maybe that or maybe due to some other also sad..
sometimes i think that i am sad too often...weird but sumwhere i think i like being sad...makes me think about things which i being sad makes me happy...told u its weird...
i want a day alone...alone from anyone i know...for myself...just me and my thoughts...then only can i really get connected with the world...maybe wen i go shut myself in the room for a day and do what i want to...i want to be in the rajai in the cold wid a novel in hand and sipping warm tea..i want a day wen i do wat i want to ...widout caring for anyone else...a day wen my wishes rule me...i want to sit in crossword for hours together...i want to maybe go to CCD alone, order a coffee and stay there reading a novel or writing for hours till i get bored of that..i want to sleep indefinitely till i wake up on my own..
its gud being mind just keeps thinking of things i want to do....

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