Sunday, November 26, 2006

my little bride

i just watched this movie yesterday and really found it sweet..."my little bride"....its a korean movie..its about this guy and girl who have been childhood friends as their families are very close..they are forced to get married by their grandfather(whos pretending to be on the death bed) when the girl is just 15 in high here arrives a married couple where the girl is yet a small kid and the guy in his prime age (around 22) so he wants to flirt around..its a really cute story of how they fall in love and realize the essence of their marriage...criously, koreans and korean movies are soo cute[:D]..they have this fresh feel about them...everything looks beautiful in their movies..


Anonymous said...

im going to watch this movie rite now... comments later ... :))

Anonymous said...

hmm ... cute one ... keep telling abt such ones