Thursday, November 30, 2006

"i really wish they would allow gay people to marry"..."well they do, only not to the same sex"

"i really wish they would allow gay people to marry"..."well they do, only not to the same sex"
these are dialogues from a play i read today by mahesh dattani-"On a muggy night in mumbai"
the play was about homosexuality.this is a topic i have heard about, but this is the first time i got such an insight to how difficult society is to them.pretty nice play i wud reflects about how different people have different ways of dealing wid their homosexuality.its about a group of guy is married and has sex on the side.another guy is afraid to admit so he goes to a shrink and tries to believe that it is a disease which can be cured and yet another guy leaves india for britian sayin that he cant be a homosexual and an indian.
that line affected me a lot and forced me to think about why the situation here is so i decided to do some research into homosexuality laws here.
this is what wikipedia had
"Gay marriage is not a debated issue in India, a country where homosexuality is still technically illegal. Except for a few sporadic incidents, homosexuality or same-sex marriages are almost never discussed in public though the situation has changed significantly."
"There is no legal recognition of same-sex couples under Indian law. During a recent visit to India by the Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was asked by a journalist what he thought of the new law allowing gay marriage in Canada. His reply was that "there would not be much appreciation for a law like that in India," and he went on to talk about how they were culturally very different societies."
pretty primitive right?but thats what we are:D..well i cant even say they are because i know that at some point or the other i have been a part of the society that makes fun of such people.look at how gay men are projected in the serials for laughs.
but i guess, after reading this play i'll be a little more sensitive to this cause.

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