Tuesday, February 20, 2007

just arbitgiri..VI

hey long long overdue i guess..
so ..how shud i start..i am onto a new life all together..i feel as if i changed myself in between and now i am backkk..back nd happyy..have amazin peace of mind ..nd am realising how much i treasure my life..i am hangin out wid frnds..doin lukha even tho i have midsems going on..but since i have attended all lectures , it seems i am enjoying exams also..atleast not getting stressed at all..really my bro was rite..attending classes makes a hugee difference..nd mayb this time the courses are also peaceful..
hehe this is midsem week nd i have done so much already apart from studying
  • i have a job now..call me a working woman..;)..hehe..i realised i am a workaholic..there is something about work that i like coz its makes me so nicely tired..nd makes me feel good abt myself..
  • i am trying new restaurants..i went to pop tates on sunday..good food..had these amazing baked vegetables..i am waiting to earn for my job now coz i realised i reaallly want money to spend on amazing food..abhi nahi karungi to kab karungi
  • i am talking soo much wid my parents these days and a bit missing them..they are so adorablee...mmmuaaaahhh to both ma and pa
  • and i am watchin friends with chinky..mmmuaaahhh to chnks also..we rock together babes..we really do:)
  • nd i forgot to mention..i won monoacting competition a few days back..:)..i like actinggg too..
i am overall enjoyin life..new phase alltogether...the optimistic me is back..freedom .independence..i love the new meeee...or rather the old me who got lost in between..:)


wdp said...

u were 'lost' in between...??

gurveen said...

lost bole to i forgot wat i was as a person..wat i enjoyed nd expected frm myself nd life..:)

wdp said...

but....as much i know you....You dont like restaurants that much. But, u r going during exams...:O
You should concentrate on studies also.

Being free and wasting time is different.

chinky said...

yo baby we rockk:*:*:*:*
finally u r back...i m sooo happyyy..
just remember..KARO WAHI JO DIL KAHE..:)