Friday, February 23, 2007

changed perceptions..

flying high in the sky..
large wings..
strong legs..
powerful talons..
keenly watching its prey..
looking to

lying dead on its back..
beauty lost..
breath gone..

(i just saw a dead eagle in our wing...gave me the feeling that everthing dies one day..however strong you may think it is..however you try to fight..someday fate will defeat you..)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

har shakhs gumnaam hai, benaam har naam
sakii hai door mera, tanhaa har shaam
beharam jamaana aisa khel dikhata hai
kayaamat hai door nishaanee sar-e-aam

gurveen said...

hey tats nice:):)

Anonymous said...

no thats just the reflection of ur thought ... really gr8 :)

wdp said...

If you stop trying fearing fate; Life will be stagnant. Process of human progress depends on how hard you try n fite against fate.

Anonymous said...

High i fly,
Gazing into sun's eye,
exhibiting my assertiveness;
living in happiness,
before i die.