Saturday, March 03, 2007

just arbitgiri..

who said our generation is cynical about hear people saying so often that all we want is go to US nd settle..tats so wrong..was just talking to a frnd about beauty in india today and realised yet again how much we all love our country...
there is really no place which has this beautiful variety..from colourful rajasthani women in deserts to the typical punjab village to the ice cold dryness of leh and ladakh to the palms and lagoons of kerala...there is nothing that india doesnt have..its incredible to see
if i had to describe india in one word i would say colour...not only the physical hues..but even the diversity of people..languages...clothes..scenery..traditions..
its a country painted in so many different hues....i am proud to be a citizen of such a country..

saw a painting at an exhibition today so noting down what i thought of it

whirlpool of hues..
whirlwind of shades..
stuff dreams are made of..

art is such a strong way of expression..makes you feel inadequate when you see life in such measures of perfection..

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