Sunday, March 04, 2007

my mood today

feeling strong..
loving the world..
enjoyin independence..
speaking truth..
being honest..
having fun..

the world for you is just as depressing or as beautiful as you make it to all depends on how you want to live life..if you dont like your life go ahead and change it..if u ever feel like sayin"this is not the life i ordered" then go ahead...change it as u want it is in ur hands..mould it..make what you want urself..then only will you really enjoy living..:)..


wdp said...

sometimes, its not in ur control to change your life. It also depends on the persons around you. You are never free to take a decision coz its never independent.

Anonymous said...

ok .. what if someone else changed our life.... can we change it again .... i think no, sometimes we can't

StandbyMind said...

so beautifully said...Its so simple yet so diffcult..
But yes its all in our hand...Always!

Nice blog:)

gurveen said...

we can change r life..if someone changes r life..we can take a diff direction...i dnt mean to say change it to be d same again but change it to move ahead