Tuesday, March 06, 2007

a hot sultry afternoon..

a hot sultry afternoon..
the sun was literally baking the earth..
turning all blue into brown..
frowning and glowering in anger..
the cracks were visible..
parched earth..

but the sun was relentless..sadisitic..

she passed thru so many emotions ..
tried her best but the sun refused to budge..
there was nothing that could soften him now..
as d rays fell on d cracks..
it felt as if the sun was deliberate in harming it..
as if it was achieving a sickening pleasure..

but finally the drops came..
the first few drops of the first shower..
the earth sighed wid relief..
the sun was subdued ..
he had finally been beaten..
and it was a pleasant loss..
a fair one..

moods changed..
spirits lifted..
new vigor..
fragrance of rain soaked mud..
brown turned into a breathtaking blend of blue and green..
it was renaissance..
renaissance on a hot sultry afternoon ..


wdp said...

nice poetry....as usual.

Rutika said...

Nice poem there :)

gurveen said...

thnkz:)i tht it was fart[:d]