Friday, March 16, 2007


been very busy lately wat wid PAF nd labs nd had no time for after a long time..have sum spare time for me nd me actually stealing my sleeping time from myself to give time to me:D..
just want to write today..been wanting to write for days now..i dont know about what..having loads of ideas but none concrete to pen down..i want to write a script..a monoacting maybe..on ego clashes these short stories by shashi deshpande recently..such an amzing collection of stories on lives of women..have so much potential to be converted into monologues.. i am in this content mood..content wid wat i dont hardly able to work coz of PAF but tats ok i guess..have a valid reason..i realised i really like ma like to do something similar later on in life also..rather than a core engg thing..
my blogs becoming more of a day a frnd had asked me..y do u blog?..y do u want ur innermost feelings to be among strangers..nd i was answerless..y do i blog..???..maybe because tats one way by which i get people's feed back on my writing..maybe because it gives me an incentive to write..dunno..
read a poem today..a batchmate's..she has written it in sort of enid blyton's honour..btw for people who dnt knw enid blyton..she writes child stories..nd i have literally grown readin them..the first book i read was an enid blyton in 2nd standard..nd since then havent been able to leave books..secret seven..famous five..five find outers..malory becomin nostalgic..i was so inspired by her..really wanted to write like tat sumday..i realise how much i loved books at one love has gone down a little now..sad..
listenin to dis song"gudiya rani bitiya rani" from LAMHE..beautiful song..thnking of mum nd smiling:) mum always almost cries wen she listens to tat song..mmmuaahh mummaa..
"gudiya rani..bitiya rani..pariyon ki nagri se ik din..raj kunwar ji aayenge..mehlon me le jaayenge.."
beautiful choice ma
ok this one is a really arbit mind is jumpin frm one place to is piled up on my lappy now..nd my eyes are closing..better sleep be4 practise for later:)


Anonymous said...

thnx for acknowledging the effort of ur "feedbackers" u like Enid Blyton five go to smugglers top,finnistone farm,get into trouble etc. cool.Its always gr8 to remain busy and do something in life so that at the end of the day u stand tall in front of core jobs thn wht u don't want big bucks right according to ur previous posting.somtime back u wrote about "being indian" look around urself wht's INDIAN DO U FIND.

gurveen said...

??wat do u mean by wat indian do i find???dint get u..plz elaborate..

Anonymous said...

levis jeans,laptop,shakespeare,walmart, nokia,hutch,coca cola,dominos,Mc D,
hope this is elaborate enough!

wdp said...

listen to the song 'jag ja ri gudiya' from omkara. It's also nice. :)
and yaa...All the best for your PAF.

om said...

good performance by u in paf...but script was weak......fareeba's frd om ....

Damanpreet singh said...

wats PAF??

wdp said...

हा, तुम्हारी मृदुल इच्छा!
हाय, मेरी कटु अनिच्छा!
था बहुत माँगा ना तुमने किन्तु वह भी दे ना पाया!
था तुम्हें मैंने रुलाया!

स्नेह का वह कण तरल था,
मधु न था, न सुधा-गरल था,
एक क्षण को भी, सरलते, क्यों समझ तुमको न पाया!
था तुम्हें मैंने रुलाया!

बूँद कल की आज सागर,
सोचता हूँ बैठ तट पर -
क्यों अभी तक डूब इसमें कर न अपना अंत पाया!
था तुम्हें मैंने रुलाया!

coolvir said...


PAF:The Performing Arts Festival, abbreviated, is the biggest inter-hostel cultural competition in the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

Both Undergraduate and Graduate students at IIT Bombay participate enthusiastically in preparation and organization of the festival. Typically three or four hostels (out of 13) tie up by random draw for each PAF.

Though technically a drama, each PAF is a combination of several cultural arts including dramatics, literature, music, fine arts, debating and dance

And just FYI...our hostel was one in the group which won this year's PAF :):):):)

Saurabh Harsh said...

"Why do i blog" I also ask this question to myself many times and i am also clueless abt the answer.Good to know that someone else also thinks abt it. I started blogging when i was feeling lonelymax and i don't know why i want others to know abt my feelings in such a situation.really strange..
I have also been a fan of enid blyton but i preferred Chacha Choudhary over her in class 2:):)

gurveen said...

thnx for d compliment om..nd as for being wearin levis doesnt imply im any less an indian..i wear salwar suit too..neways tats ur clothes dont determine your indianness..
i enjoi shakespeare as much as i enjoy rk narayan..
appreciating oder cultures doesnt mean uv lost urs..
laptop????so wat shud i use?
nd saurabh i still havent a clue as to y i blog..the only explanation seems i like comments on my writings by people[:d]..or mayb its an outlet..