Monday, January 29, 2007

just arbitgiri...part V

ok..long posting due..
1)techfest over..tanvi my best frnd came ..was fun..not tat much fun also..but had a relatively nice time..last day my old skool frnd handa came..was fun too..wat did i see in techfest??
- breakthrough exhibition which was so cool..learnt tat there is a 33 min gap between an earthquake nd the subsequent tsunami no matter wat kind of earthquake nd whr..always 33 min gap..saw instruments from my course of enviromental science last semester.
- then i saw this competition VOID..was nice too..reminded me of our own machine in GRIP..hehe..neways was nice..
- then i attended a panel debate by 6 former IITians successful in differenet fields..(IITs at Crossroads)..took notes will put up later..
- watched Sand Animation on the last day..a bit boring..but different..
2)after a long sad week i am happy today..been sad..been depressed..but things finally seem to be moving in the right direction..feels nice to be happy really..touchwood..
3)listenin to music now nd realising i like music a lot..shud listen more often..
4)i am goin to write thank you mails to all today who all have helped me survive this week..

tats it i later..sleepy now..


Karan said...

Ooooooohhhh....How nice?? So I get a mention in ur bloggy-bloggy ??? U cud have written the full name....For future reference, it's "Karan Handa"...;-)... Nice to see u r finally happy... Enjoy yourself...

gurveen said...

bloggy..bloggy?????are u in ur senses:O:O..tats not u speakin is it??

Prasad said...

gone through u r blogs ...

they reminded me about my engg days ...

keep bloogin ..

waitin for u r next arbitgiri volume ..