Sunday, January 21, 2007

just arbitgiri...part IV

1)day started out boring..tried to study but no ditched..den waited for supposedly different sunday lunch and it turned out so bad tat i missed the usual one..ppl say r sunday lunch hasnt been changed for the past 10 years..i mean abt tradition
2)tried watchin a movie wid frnds..but was bored
3)watched two episodes of "how i met ur mother"..gud
4)then came the aweesooome part..went to LEELA wid chinky for my cousin chachu's was a love marriage..but arranged later..chachu sardar nd the girl a sharma(hindu)..they supposedly had known each oder for 8 years but no1 knew..the cutest thing was the ppt. they had prepared with both of them's childhood fotos..was veryyy cute...i had fun..dressed up and all for it..had gud food..(amazin punjabi food..gr8 desserts..dal makhani was awwessomee)..nd then danced to punjabi songs..overall fun niteeeeeeeee...missed family a bit coz last marriage pe we all were together nd had lotsaaa fun..but was nice spending time wid chinky..talked a lott..
4)everyone is wearin black bands tomr to protest abt the LAN BAN in rite..hope all this bears some fruit..
all in all content today..

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