Sunday, January 28, 2007


I entered with lots of confidence and among my various competitors was the first one to get a place.So far so good.To prepare myself , i thought to have a nap and utilize the time, so i slept off for 10 minutes and as soon as i woke up, i got a shock, the number of competitors had increased rapidly.The gathering had turned into a crowd and i seemed to be the weakest physically among all the participants.There were men and women of all colours and sizes and i, just a meek girl who hardly weighed 45 kgs among those heavyweight champions, but i consoled myself that i had mental strength and that is what matters in a competition.I had a strong will power and i would fight valiantly.

As i looked at the area i had to cross, a slight terrror rose inside me.Fear...fear of failure...fear of not being able to complete in time..fear of being left behind..that fear which induces a weird pain in the pit of your stomach..nervousness hit me..but i stood strong..or rather sat strong as i was sitting at that time..i was just devising my game plan when i saw a competitor rise and go forward to cross..there was a smile on his face..was it the smile of nervousness or of silent confidence, i couldn't he rushed and struggled his way through i also consoled myself a little that success was possible..for a while he disappeared and my breath stopped for a moment..but he finally re-emerged triumphant..he suddenly turned back and smiled at all the people who were yet to cross or were crossing..was it the smile of support or was it a way to mock?..i chose to believe that it was one of support..

i was just thinking all this when suddenly my turn came..out of the blue.. i did not even get a chance to make my game plan..but i had courage..i took god's name and stepped in..steppped in into the labyrinth..every step i took closer to my goal made me more confident..a lot of hustling had to be done..i hurt lot of people to get ahead..but that didn't disturb had to be done..there was no option..finally i came through to the other side..the victory was mine..i felt like doing a victory jig to make the other people who had yet not crossed jealous..but i decided against it as my stop had come..but i still got out of the bus ordeal successful..


Anonymous said...

ordeals of real life can be more ordealous (second form of ordeal!!!!!!!!!!!) as compared to coming out of a heavily packed bus living life can ordeal for someone
does anything troubles u in life? something u want but have not got?
something u miss in life?

gurveen said...

no i am pretty happy in life..nd i know these are not real was just a funny piece i wrote..dont take it so seriously..

Anonymous said...

well the next post made by u contradicts ur reply over here.anyways its gr8 that u r now enjoying ur life. enjoy techefest meet friends u r a teche person gr8(I GUESS IT FROM GRIP MACHINE WHATEVER IT IS)