Thursday, January 18, 2007

just arbitgiri..

just pennin down arbit thoughts
  • i am in luv wid life rite now..atleast at this sittin in my room listenin to songs from guru and wow..feels so gr8..hope the feelin is really upto urself to keep urself happy..talkin about guru...nice movie..really nice movie..had a combo of everything..proper hindi masala u know..right amount of sarcasm, emotions, beauty, realism..really worth a watch in the theatre..abhishek resembles amitabh bachhan so muchhhh..i had fun watchin it esp. as i went with 2 exchange students who are friends of mine..awesome experience explaining dialogues to them..esp. scenes like where abhishek decides to marry because he needs money for his business..coz tat was a pretty big shock for them tat it actually happens..hehe..anyways somehow felt proud showing them a bollywood movie..enjoyed looking at it in a new perspective..
  • people have so many different ways of handling things..we recently had elections in the hostel and i voted against the junior standing for the post of maint secy coz i thought she looked as if she couldn't handle pressure..tho she got elected anyways obviously..and yesterday she got my tubelight fixed..i had been livin wid a defective one for two months..wen i asked her how she managed to get the electrician, she said in her childish tone"i made him promise" was impressed..and here i thought she wouldn't be able to manage coz she looked such a kid..sorry richa(thats her name) and thanx for teachin me never to underestimate anyone..and thnx for the tubelight again..
  • i gave auditions for main GC drama yesterday..tats r interhostel drama competition..i dont think il pass..lemme keep my fingers crossed.
  • i want to write and direct a play someday..nd i will in my stay at IIT..i will...i promise to myself..
  • i loveeeeeeeee indiaaaaaaaaa...seriously..this is where i want to spend my whole life..though i want to go out and learn about other cultures for a short while..


Anonymous said...

gr8 to see u bloging after such a long time.yup even i heard that guru is a movie worth watching.definately watch it since now u have recommended.enjoy ur new tubelight and best of luck for the auditions (do blog after the results r out) life may be lukha now but it will soon pick up pace...............

Anonymous said...

did anything special happen today?anything u have which is not ur.u asked who am i, i can only say "anonymous"

gurveen said...

na nothin special as far as i can remember..