Friday, January 19, 2007

just arbitgiri..part II

1)i dint make the audition..which for a while sucked then i comforted myself by the thought of my chachu's marriage coming up..since i am finaly going to be attendin a punjabiiiii wedding im happpy..lookin fwd to the food..hehe
2)my dad sent me chocolates...i saw them at a shop with him and really liked their packing but refused to buy them coz i dint want to waste money...and imagineeee he sent me the same chocolates..i looovvveee my family soo much..
3)a thankz to my friend chinky(ya tats her actual name) for takin care of me today wen i was feeling very down.
4)i am goin for a budday treat nowww..yipppeeee
5)i still love myselfff..nd my life totally..
6)IIT will not hav net working in the nite from 1130 pm to 1230 pm the next day from 26th jan onwards..doesnt that wil we manage?i dnt knw..wil write a long crib on this..gotta go for my treat now..tataaa for today
7)editing this 3 hours later
8)i talked to my best friend for an hour did it feel gud to discuss about arbit stuff wid stupid crushes..gossip..felt gr8
9)i walked alone after ages today...lakeside..outside my hostel..was nice:)..felt gud spending time with mee..
10)i am not as happy as i sound:)


justlikethat said...
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Anonymous said...

got onto iit for gaining knowledge or for getting six digit salary at the end of 4 years if latter is the reason not getting into drama is a blessing in disguise its time to work for urself and participate in individual events which will give more recognition.........

gurveen said...

na i want drama coz i like it...i dnt want it for recognition or resume..i enjoy it nd want to learn to act..