Saturday, January 20, 2007

just arbitgiri..part III

1) slept for the earlier part of the day..then watched half of yes boss..had watched it be4 but watched again to giv company ..the first time i watched it i had liked i thought kya fartt dialogues hain..
2) then went wid lots of enthu to mardi gras (fest of hostel 11, 12 ,13)..i wanted to eat the punjabi food they had so much publicised..dragged vikash nd mishra along..chinky already had enthu all four of us went expecting gudd food and tai tai was horrible..overexpensive nd dint even taste well..i wanted to dance but no company..only interestin part was the red bull people..they were sponsors for the fest..there were these girls givin free bull is an energy drink..the girls givin them were so hot nd IIT guys being IIT guys followed dem all was like wild animals behind a catch..seriously was sick to watch ..they surrounded her nd the poor girl was so harrassed but i guess they get paid for this girl appeal only..
3) the food was so bad tat we all went out to eat after KFC..was fun..esp coz we were all behavin like kids the whole tha..then bak to hostel
overall nice day..had fun

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Deepak said...

"IIT guys being IIT guys"
Can I know what this traditional line means......yep I want to get into details.....