Saturday, January 27, 2007

why do i cry soo much??

why do i cry so much?
i donot know really..but i am a champion at crying..for every possible reason or to put it better for no reason at all..though i always end up thinking of an excuse..But basically, i just love to cry..there is this urge i get once in a while..or i should say very often in a while, to let out all my emotions..burst out..cleanse myself of all my negative feelings..and after i cry i feel this immense sensation of could say it gives me a high like drugs give to some makes me euphoric..amazing isn't it?..have you ever heard of someone enjoying crying?Well, I fact i think i should put crying as a hobby in my orkut profile..
I am writing all this after an amzing crying session..And while i was writing this, i decided to check out what wikipedia had for are some interesting facts-

Crying as an emotional reaction is considered by many to be a uniquely human phenomenon, though some studies suggest that elephants and gorillas may cry as well.

Emotional triggers are most often anger and grief, but crying can also be triggered by sadness, joy, fear, humor, frustration, or other strongly-experienced emotions.

In many cultures, crying is associated with babies and children. Some cultures consider crying to be undignified and infantile, casting aspersion on those who cry publicly. In most cultures, it is more socially acceptable for women to cry in public than men.

An insincere display of grief or dishonest remorse is called crocodile tears, from the ancient anecdote that crocodiles would pretend to weep while luring or devouring their prey.

Many religions describe gods or prophets as crying:
* The shortest verse in the Bible (in the King James Version of the Bible and some other English translations) is simply: "Jesus wept."
* Jade is sometimes known as "tears of the Buddha".
* The Incas referred to silver as the "tears of the moon".


Anonymous said...

no matter what wiki says but i feel one cry's when something is not fullfilled (too much failure or not used to failure) or u feel neglected ,cheated,not respected in short it has something to do with negative frame of mind so avoid crying because because no of people who care for a person is always more than no of people who don't.

gurveen said...

actually i agree i shud nt cry tat much but not wid the fact tat there are more no. of people tat care..than who dnt care..coz millions of ppl are indifferent to me..but a selected few who care..nd tats true wid everyone..