Tuesday, April 24, 2007

1 more to go...

5 xams down..(down in the literal sense also:D)..and 1 to go..not bad..
my todays blog is arbit sentences...maybe related..maybe not..
1) i am craving like hell to go home..need a break..been a damn hectic but nice sem really(tho tat will depend on my grade also)anyways really looking forward to hols.
2) life is not always the way it seems to be..things are not as one says they are..there are 2 sides of everything..2 sides of a coin..we just prefer not to look at the other side..
3) my family matters most to me in life..
4) this summer i am doing what i love most..i am following my heart..studying literature as i have always wanted to..im excited about it..
5) lit xam made me fall in love wid lit all over again..for anyone interested in reading, read "the garden of forking paths" by J.L.Borges..it deals with the concept of parallel time..aweeesssumm short story..
6) world's shortest short story:by ernest heminghway
for sale:baby shoes, never worn
we got this for interpretation in lit xam..i wont spoil it by telling the interpretation...u guess..u think..
7) il get to study J.D.Salinger's "the catcher in the rye" this summers..tats a buk loved by me and my best friend..we both always wanted to analyse it and im getting the chance to do it now:):)..
8) i donated blood this sem and it really felt gud:):)..so people be unhesitant in donating blood..it will not make you weak..trust me ..i am 47 kgs and they still took my blood and i was jumping after donating:P:P

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wdp said...

U did something good. Donating blood is never harmful :)