Friday, August 17, 2007

Is killing always a sin?

killing is a crime
Its God that gives us this life and to take it away is a sin
But inspite of that we find some killings justified or better said, not that sinful, as they had a reason

cases in mind

---Rang De Basanti where a corrupt politician is killed by a group of friends to avenge the death of a friend and claim his honor

---Provoked where a lady kills her husband after having suffered years of torture and abuse

---Phir bhi dil hai hindustani where a father kills a person to avenge the rape of his daughter

---euthanasia or mercy killing where a person is suffering extreme non-ending pain and wants to be killed himself or in a sort of last stage terminal illness and wants to die..

---in the case of war

so is killing right or wrong..or is there no definite answer..too subjective an issue maybe..infact this sometimes confuses me when i try and think whether there should be death sentence for rape offence..most of the times i end up supporting death sentence for it, as in a rape you are emotionally and physically destroying another being totally..scarring someone for life..but does that give us license to kill??dunno..confused on what my opinions are-- as usual..


nimit said...

" why do we kill people who are killing people to show that killing people is wrong "

well my personal view is that killing a person who has committed a crime is actually making it easy for him ..... he doesn't have to live with the guilt for all his life , he doesn't have to suffer and if you talk in spiritual terms ... his sentence up there is lessened cuz he is supposed to have been punished .
to me making the people who commit such ghastly crimes should be kept alive and made aware of their crime everyday, every minute , every second ... their suffering should be an example to others that what can happen ..... the examples you mentioned the criminal was let scot free in society which is why he was killed ... so rather than killing ... suffering is more important . Also you never know whether you took correct decisions abt a crime by killing the accused .
the only instance when i support is killing is mercy killing and war ....

विकास कुमार said...

You forgot to mention the killing of enemies by armed forces :)

Daman said...

I had a group discussion on the topic of euthanasia and it ended with no clear cut ayes or no...Right to kill someone is really a controversial issue and is highly situation dependent as you mentioned..

Anonymous said...

as the age old saying says ... nothing is good or bad, only thinking makes it so ... "thinking" is nothing but the context you are in. there are no absolutes in life (except God of course) and hence there can't be any absolute right or wrong things in life either.

btw, u write well. keep it up!


Anonymous said...

What about when outwhen yu're mad, thinking to yourself, and out of nowhere you have a homicidal thought, is that a sin?

Anonymous said...

sorry, so many typos, here is what was menat to be written, how about when your frustrated, just thinking to your self, and out of nowhere you have a homicidal thought, i9s that a sin?

myanasworth said...

Hi Gurveen

I wrote about something very similar and found your post ... check out my blog

Anonymous said...

You know how spys kill people? And they have a liscence to kill? Is that a sin...even though its your job? And you know how they have to lie all the time? Is that a sin too??