Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The wonder day

I had a perfect day yesterday..:):)

had a gr8 time in the department with a lab cancelled..then i finally got the anti-termite treatment done (tho temporary)..that was followed by me getting my first pay..got 5000 bucks all of my own..and cant think of what to spend them on..im finally understanding the worth of money maybe:D:D(tats something which my mum has spent years on making me understand and still failed:P)

then came ravali's birthday..we all gifted her cutteee cutteee stuff and she loved them all..it was great to see pure glee on her face(sometimes seeing people happy can make you feel gr8 from inside)..love u baby:*:*:*..ul go a long way:) coz ur such a gr8 kid at heart:)

then i came back to the room and was taking a book out when out fell a small book/card my parents had sent me on my birthday which had beautiful words on how special daughters are.. now while writing all this(il be able to post it in the morning only coz of lan ban) im sitting in
my bed listening to howie day-collide(gr8 song..plss hear), and looking at my cheque and the card:)..gives a warm feeling inside..a friend recently asked me why i get happy on such small stuff..i told him, isnt that better..because i get to be happy more frequently this way:):)

PS:love you chinka and gult junta..wudnt be the same here without you all rocking the hostel:):)am thankful i have 2 more years with you here:):)
PS1:my blog juss completed 100 posts(this is the 101th)


nimit said...

congrats !!! now when is the treat for cheque ..... and for hitting century ....... btw getting happy on small things is good ... because it is some sorta drug which keeps you going and appreciate lives ... take out these small happinesses and see how mundane and dull your life becomes .

gurveen said...

tu bombay aa aur powai aa..fir pakka treat...:):)..

Ravali said...

:********* luv u too baby...and isnt it good tht i was happy with all the cute things u got me... or u wud have been seeing >:P and how wud tht feel... so its always good to b summone who gets happy for small things :)
and surely luvvvvvvvvv uuuuuuuu

Ravali said...

hope u like ur gift for tomorrow :D