Thursday, August 02, 2007

PARTNER:a must no watch

a warning for all the considerate people who read my blog..dont dont dont watch the movie PARTNER..its the most pathetic movie i have ever seen..ruddy dialogues...imagine dialogues that rhyme..reminded me of GUNDA..salman khan wears gay clothes throughout(orange pants and yellow tweety tshirt..ugghhh)..looks for any excuse to take off his shirt..govinda opts to take off his pants..theyve juss spoiled HITCH out and out..i mean how can you go so wrong in a remake..
i sat through 2 hours of the movie and finally thought it was over..but nooo..i just felt it was over..seems they decided to extend the movie to include some nonsense obscenity..and there they went on for half an hour again..
this movie almost moved me to throw my chappal at the screen so dont dont dont go for this torture..
PS:only go if you wanna gawk at katrina..


विकास कुमार said...

I wrote the same on my blog yesterday. what a coincidence :)

nimit said...

well i was forced to watch the movie as i was locked out of my house (left the key inside ) and the spare key was coming after 3 hours ... cinemaxx had only one movie .... which was the greant indian plagarized shit .....

well after 15 minutes .... i did everything apart from watching movie .... slept, saw the couple on the corner seat (no further discription sorry!!!) tried various combinations of popcorn

but finally hai katrina ..... hmmmmmmm

gurveen said...

atleast u had katrinaa...i had nothin to tapofy also...:(

Anonymous said...

hey hey ... what a comment... well i don't say anything 'cause im really scared of u... i watched this movie and u want to no why.... because of CHHOTA DON...:))

gurveen said...

y r u scared of me..?
waise chota don was atleast a bit entertainin..i was wondering where he disappeared off to in the end..i guess they cut him off coz movie was becoming too long or something..