Sunday, July 29, 2007

All smiles...

that describes my mood today
just came back to the insti while it was a little wet..came to my room which is soooo beautiful..(its has to be considering the pains i took to decorate it:) )..i have wall hangings..i have posters..i have cuuuuteee flowershaped yellow slips..a bright curtain..great bed..ganpati idols..a gentle breeze coming in..
what else does a gr8 room need:D:D:D..nd most of all its my ownnnnnn for 2 years now:)..gr8 feeling..tho i do find being alone a little odd..but il get used to it soon i guess:)..
so the result being i'm all smiles:):):):):)..i wish blogspot had smileys...just want to stay in da room and take in the beauty of the rains outside now..


vbansal said...

add in all my smiles as well!!
a fresh-painted room on the top floor with drizzling breeze comin in..
y i missed it all these years!!

$udhi said...

good ab toh tere room pe aana banta hai
aur meri pinniya bachi hai ya ravali kha gayi sari ?? :-w

~$udhi :)

विकास कुमार said...

congo for single room. :)

gurveen said...

@sudhi:abe khatam ho gayi ab to..tu aaya hi nahi khaane..