Saturday, July 14, 2007

summer of '07

holidays finally nearing their end..juss another 10 days to go..i have enjoyed dese hols juss so hols i thought they deserved a blog post..summer of '07 :D

they started with a family get together after quite some time..bhai me mama papa..livin in 3 diff cities..mum dad in one, me in another nd bhai in 3rd can be quite tiresome..we r together juss 2-3 times an year..and tat too for not more than 2-3 days at a it was nice being together for almost a week for a change..

and den came my cousin sis from canada who is gettin married in august..she stayed wid us for a month..and i had a balll...really..had an elder sis for da first time..nd it felt gr8..felt especially nice to have company to talk late into da nite at home..was shoppin everday for a month i was suit..sherwani..saris nd da rest..punjabi weddings are so grand really..i thnk dey must be leaving parents quite impoverished:D..

den after she left, i started reading and devoured awesome books this time like midnight's children, shantaram, 1984, 48 laws of the way, those who havent read shantarm are really missing out on something(a blog on shantaram l8r).

also, all this time i started blogging wid new fervour and i think building this blog has been the most constructive thing i have done this summers..because it has given me sumthng to look forward too..i am totally smitten by it and love nurturing it..blogging dus being my fav daily activity:)

and den the gr8est trip ever to mussoorie and singapore..enjoyed just too much coz tried so many new things..and saw so many new places..made me feel i want to host a travel show one day:D:D hehe

and tomorrow, am going to my brothers place for a week ..gosh..cant believe he has his own place nd all..seems like yesterday we shared a room..aahh..ok am gettin senti..probably coz its my last day at gonna miss mum nd gonna miss my gonna miss my library(320 books at da recent count:D ) gonna miss home food..nd am gonna miss da clean bathrooms:P:P..
bbye fairyland..aka palace..aka dreamworld..:(:(


$udhi said...

well look at the bright side
you will be back in the happening campus :)
so welcome back!
aur dher sara grub lete aana :P

~$udhi :)

gurveen said...

ya i knw..i juss wanna be at both da places at one time:D..
hehe..aur grub la rahi hun..:)

ravali said...

hope u dnt forget my pinni :-w

gurveen said...

haan rava teri pinni yaad hai:)..dont ya worry:*

vbansal said...

honey....wid d holidays ending, hope ur blogging sprint don't end!
btw..what book's 1984??

gurveen said...

hehe ya i hope so too..tat i cntinue bloggin:)
1984 is a book by george orwell..nice book..insti liby me hai..u can try it..

wdp said...

missing something is juts a matter of time. :) (even if its home) You will get over.