Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Everything happens for a reason

Everything that happens in life is for a reason. The consequences of every occurrence are pre-decided. Things that may seem very small also have a reason as to why they occur.

Sometimes you can see the good things hidden behind an event, but sometimes you can’t, as the bad thing has been prevented from happening(which is also a good thing:D). Sometimes you can understand the reasons immediately, at other times it may take a lifetime to understand why a certain thing happened. Somehow I feel that I am able to comprehend quite a lot of things from my past(not much of a past waise considering only 19 years:P) understanding why it was good they happened. Some things are unexplained yet, I cannot understand everything, but quite a lot that happened makes sense. As a friend told me(I thought it was original but later realized those were steve jobs’ words) you can only connect the dots looking backwards. It makes much more sense then.

The jigsaw does get completed eventually to form a full picture. So if you find certain past events unnecessary or wrong, wait. You’ll see the better side of them sooner or later.
ekta kapoor continues to catch my fancy:D:D
chanced on another serial my grandparents were watching today:D
take a look at the dialogues(put senti music in background for effect)
"aapne apni zindagi dekar jis bagiya ko sawaara hai, koi bhi bahar ka mali aakar nahi ujaad paayega"

"batwaare ke zehreele beej boke ja rahe ho tum"

wouldn't you say the script writer was obsessed with gardening?:D

a nice quote
"live some loves, let go some"
-gurveen bedi:D;)


nimit said...

3 different thoughts .... very arbit .... but abt the first thought ... read about chaos theory .... you will appreciate what you wrote more

saint nothing! said...

an optimistic blog, i see! But some might argue that the theory supports a resignation to whatever happens around us. In the sense that, a mistake committed cannot have any other motive but a drive to rectify it for a sensible person. Being laid back and hoping for a happy sunrise to erase it would be, ummm , stupidity to say the least. Well of course, the line still remains unarguable. One way or the other, optimistic motives can be attached to just abt anything i guess! :D

keep posting...

Ravali said...

isnt it jus like ....
trying to find a reson though thr actually mite not b one??? :-/
like i fell dwn coz i was a clumsy oaf....but if i try giving reasons...it mite turn out tht i fell down coz i had to meet this cute doc at the hospital ??? weird...but still my doc was cute :P:P:P

gurveen said...

@nimit:ya will check it out..esp da movie..
@saint nothing!:well i try to use this theory to cheer myself up when something bad happens:D rather than being laidback about stuff..so i guess its ok to use the theory wen for ur own benefit:D:D:D..optimistic theory wen applied at rite places works well:P
but really believe in it to quite an extent..esp. the connecting dots part..and also the fact that nothin happens widout sense..
@rava:hehe tat doc was very cute waise..u reminded me of him again:D..i shud have gone wid u again to da hospi:P
waise i m not sayin justify everythng..but just an overall belief tat things are fated..nd i meant to say that if u thnk something in ur past was useless u think wrong, coz it was necessary for ur future..can explain to u in live personal examples(which sadly cant be put on da blog to explain wat i meant better)so we wil pakka talk on dis once im bak:D:D

wdp said...

last quote was very impressive. specially the last part of it. I loved it.