Friday, July 13, 2007


I happened to watch a news report on India Tv today..which showed that the sheets that we get in the trains are hardly washed, inspite of them charging extra for it..i had seen the sheets lying on the station, but i always believed they must be washing them later..but it turns out that they are used by about 8-10 people before they are washed.. The only thing which is done to them is that they are ironed, so you can't tell that they havent been washed..Fake bills are shown of the washing and the officials hog the extra cash..
my reaction to this:ewwwwww...ewwwww....ewwww
am travelling in a night train day after tomorrow..:(:(:(:(
bloody corruption


nimit said...

well thats the BHARAT for you ..... people still not doing what they are supposed to do ... cuz of poverty in some parts ( high profits) , not willing to do work ( depatmental fatigue ) ...and various other reasons

ps: how do you think lalu turned the fortune of railways by making it profit making body ? you have the answer

gurveen said...

ya i hav d ans..

Ravali said...

baby...simple solution....dnt use those sheets...
carry a light weighing blanket....or maybe sumthing thts more close to a bedsheet with tht u wont have to use those dirty ones...lets save the money tht goes into the ironing....dnt think tht 1 thin sheet u carry wud occupy much of ur baggage :P
this is wht i always do when i ahve to travel by train in the nite :D

gurveen said...

ya rava tats wat i plan to do dis time..

wdp said...

people have bigger problems to deal with than corruption regarding bedsheets in AC compartment. I think that is why no one cares abt it but the media.

yash said...

@nimit: don't question laloo,this malpractice was as much in practice before laloo, as it is now!!
and as a matter of fact, laloo turned the fortune of railways by being strict with the sleazy railways officials and TTEs, People used to draw power supplies from the railway cables, that he culminated!!

@gurveen:Leave aside unclean bedsheets and blankets(which are provided only in the ac compartments),what about the tiers on which you sleep? (and especially those of sleeper coach)they are never cleaned ,i emphasize 'never', no matter a person suffering from a contagious disease ,,(say chicken pox) may have slept on it,,state buses are even more slovenly!!