Sunday, July 22, 2007

Phir bhi dil hai hindustani

Recently when my cousin who lives in canada came to visit us, we ended up discussing on settling abroad and I heard myself telling her how I didn't want to settle abroad.

Even I did not know my views clearly until that moment.

I don't want to settle abroad as I don't want to sit in taxis playing english songs and kill the pani puri craving with burgers always.


The Devil said...

you may not be in the right position to judge what its like living outside versus living in india, there are pros and cons to both :) and as far as your craving concerns, i assure you, they can be satisfied with the same pani puri in select places in us, not too sure about canada though,

my two cents ...

saint nothing! said...

err.. stopped blogging???
u have readers.. keep blogging! :)

gurveen said...

@the not judgin for oders but..juss wat i think rite now..may change later..
@sainty nothin:juss bin busy wid settling da room nd all..nd no regular not bin online enuf to blog..will start soon tho:D:)

wdp said...

I too love India n panipuri :D

Navdeep said...

Winnie, we never had pani puri's coz they were road side and we both were not too keen, and i think with ur picky demands u will end up coming abroad,