Wednesday, July 04, 2007

singapore trip

Finally back home after an amazing holiday..can't remember the last time i had this much fun..infact this strengthens my resolve of travelling all around the world..its really interesting to go to a new learn so much about a culture so different from here am putting up a list of things i did for the first time on my trip..

1) I saw penguins ..they are sooo cutee...they walk in this weird manner as if theyr too fat to walk..found dem adorable..esp the baby warming has a huge impact on penguins as they need cold waters to survive..never thought of if also find penguins electricity and pollute less nd all u can do to prevent global warming..2) At the jurong bird park we paid 2$ to feed the birds and while 2 birds were pecking in the bowl, a bird came and sat on my shoulder..and i was..i guess scared initially..coz it was so sudden..but it was such an amazin feeling..of exhilaration..pure fun..u can tell from the pics i guess..
3) i saw dolphins playing football:D nd doing somersaults and wat seems tat dolphins are grey when theyr young and turn pink once the grow older..the ones i saw were pink..tho the pics are not clear i guess

4) i knew parrots talk but dint know that they sing..they paint..they act..and even add and subtract..theyr intelligence is equivalent to a 4 year old rite?here is a pic of a parrot hoisting a flag..
5) had chinese tea at this traditional chinese tea shop where we had gone to shop..the shopkeeper was very nice and made us drink chinese tea..
6) sat on da top of an open double decker(they dont run in mumbai anymore)..had seen it in old hindi movies and always wanted to sit in one:D
7) sat in a shoehouse:D
8) saw an amzing laser and lite show..never seen nythng like tat..
9) the best example of the world becoming a global village.."a cheeni baby in hands of a sardar":D:D..haha dats papa holding a chinki kid..
enuf for today i later:)


yash said...

nice post :)

wdp said...

waaw! so cute.
I'm envious. :)

wdp said...

I know You didnt mean it. But, just wanted to tell u this.....Chinki is an offensive term.

gurveen said...

@wdp:the page u sent says chink is an offensive chinki also offensive..?waise if it is offensive, i am sorry..

wdp said...

chinki is derived version of chink. the root word.

$udhi said...

hey welcome back!
nice pics
khub maje kiye aisa lagta hai

catch you soon then

~$udhi :)