Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We're like assembled PCs

The credits normally go last , but i am putting them first. This blog is inpired by a conversation with my friend, nimit who was with me in school.
"Be what you want to be, Taking things the way they come,Nothing is as nice as fine in Paradise and sipping on Bacardi rum."

You can always be what you want to be. What you are today is not what you were at any point of time before. As we have all heard before, nothing is constant except change itself. Consciously or unconsciously, we keep changing ourselves continously. A habit here, a habit there. Changing to become a person that what we want to see ourselves as. That is the reason that from childhood to now, the no. of role models has been decreasing for us. For example, at one time i admired a family friend for the way she carried herself. Now i don't. Probably becauseI carry myself da same way now. At one time, i used to admire a close friend for her confidence. Now I don't, as I am tat confident myself. For example, one of my friends now signs off in mails as her bf used to, wid da same exclamatory expression i mean. Some people may call that aping, but thats not aping as you are not copying someone totally. You are just building qualities in yourself that you admire in people. So as a person, you may be made of several bits and pieces, developed at different times within you. Sort of similar to an assembled PC. Where you get da best of everything.(this expression assembled PC is copied from someone's orkut profile..sorry:D)
And if you want to be , you can reorganise the pieces and make yourself a new person. I realised tat everytime I changed schools (which was every 3-4 years because of dad's job), I became a new person. If my school friends from two schools try and compare my qualities, they would find huge differences. Talk about major time mpd:D(multiple personality disorder). hehe. and if my skool frnds (frm 11th 12th) saw how lukhi I am in college they would never believe it.
Waise I can't say if the above said holds for everyone. It does hold for me.


nimit said...

yoyoyoyo i got the credit !!!
but yes you can be anything you want anytime you want ... mostly whenever people try to go in to a new environment they change ... cuz anchors of some of ther actions are no more ... something which they wanted to change can now be done .
" I am what I am "
you can be whatever you want to be anytime you want to be

ps: you a lukhi !!! ...... not possible at all

Ravali said...

well...certified lukkhi by me ...not all the time though...but well she is a teeny weeny bit :P
and i was jus goin to say assembled pc...readtht smwhr b4 but good u mentioned it ;)
well yeah...mabe u change urself not coz u lie it in tht person...but sumtimes also maybe becoz u r spend so much time with a person....tht u start being like them and start thinking like them and appreciate things jus like the do
well in school my mom had a major problem with me changin my handwriting to look like the one who sat next to me :D

gurveen said...

@nimit:hehe ya u got da credit:D:D..agreed wid da new environment thing..because in a new place you can leave the behaviour u dint like, behind..very true..
and i am a lukhi..see ravali's reaction above:D
@rava:thankx:D for certifying me lukhi:D:D waise assembled PC was in golani's about me..wahaan se strike hua..ya and spending too much time wid a person does change u i guess..tats y u remember once in front of our dept before the geodesy lab i said tat uve started resembling him:D:D

saint nothing! said...

damn... u r one regular blogger, aint ya?
i sumhow just dont get enuf motivation to churn out stuff.. atleast not at the speeds u seem to be buildin those archives! :D

hmm.. indeed.. the theme is pretty!:)
true... everyone changes.. and for us IITians i guess this is like the ultimate truth.. a part of our character building.. a sort of customization to the new surrounding that we face here! :)
but the fun part is that, if we kinda look at the way we have changed and the way our peers from school, we shd be happy that we r here.. again.. thats my circumstance.. dunno abt ya.. :)
cheers.. keep bloggin..

gurveen said...

@saint nothing!:ya i prefer d "me" in IIT more dan the "me" before too..
waise the motivation is juss coz i have absolutely nothin to do till d sem starts..

nimit said...

well was reading about dhirubhai ambani's life and he had said that to grow you need to change your orbit ... which basically means your dreams, aspirations goals ..... and sometimes environment ..... whenever there is a change in orbit there is friction so when you move to a new place this friction is more or less not there and so changing the orbit is easy .

gurveen said...

fundoo theory yaar..makes total sense y changin urself is simpler wen in a new concept..