Friday, December 21, 2007

In the right place...

It seemed sudden then
Seemed full of twists and turns

Now looking back,

Seems a straight path
Totally expected, meant to be
The dots when joined backwards do make sense

Surprise, shock or expected?
I understand the expected answer now:)
Weird that it seemed unexpected then
But maybe things look clearer from a distance always..


Vartika said...

oye ladki!
paheliyaan naa bujha aur mail karke bata ye post kis cheez ko refer kar raha hai...n do dat's an order!!

Vartika said...

why arent my comments showing??

gurveen said...

i thought u wud be da only one to understand da post..:):)
since the surprised, shocked or expected question was posed to you..:):)

ravali said...

is it wht i am thinkin it to be??
if i am wrong do correct me [:p]

gurveen said...

haha i guess u got it rite rava..:)