Saturday, December 22, 2007

Taare Zameen Par

Aamir khan really does things differently..
He may come out very rarely, but when he does, he creates a sensation..
First RDB and now this..
Good things come in small packages indeed..

Amazing movie..nice songs..awesome acting..the kid rules da day!!
A must watch for all parents, all youngsters who wil be parents in a few years' time..all teachers..and anyone who likes kids..
Really go out and catch the won't regret it!


Vartika said...

u saw d movie already!!
din even wait 4 me
i don wanna c it in some shabby theatre at jodhpur...wanna c it at mumbai...but den waitin till 6th...:((

gurveen said...

i saw it at the only multiplex in chandigarh..shorry..dnt more movies...welcome saath me dekhenge..use bhi 3 stars mile hain:):):)
and apparently da movie hasnt been released in mayb ul have company for taare zameen par also..