Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sem of "firsts"!!

Back to home and I guess back to my spell of being a regular blogger..

First a bit on the present month and the past sem..
Haven't had a better semester I guess!!

Goa, internship and friends..--what else would one need..appetizing starters

Then the present month..--quite the delicious main course
All friends with amazing placements..
A whirlwind of treats..
Circus(literally and figuratively), dinners, night outs, Pune..

And then the SPI--lets say the lip smacking dessert
Yours truly a nine pointer finally..

So summing up, its been a sem of "Firsts" bigtime..Hoping this huge big party continues forever!!


nimit said...

ummm dont know what to write but .... i think well done ! is good for a start :)

$udhi said...

congos be
mast sem raha tera toh yeh =D>

~$udhi :)

Vartika said...

well...i'll jus say...keep d sem close to ur heart and memories...n raise ur bar for happiness a li'l more...but don't stretch it too hard...:)

observer said...

SPI?? Serial Peripheral Interface??

gurveen said...

@nimit: :)
@sudhi: thnx:)
@vaati: Yo Yo!!
@observer: tats semester performance index..SPI..tats my grade for the semester out of 10..

observer said...

i c