Sunday, May 06, 2007

100 things about me..

kuch this blog is totally inspired by one of my friend's blog..100 things about I,Me,Myself:d..hehe..i found it interesting so im writing it too..dunno if i can make to 100 though.. name is gurveen bedi
2.i was born on 5:50 am on 3rd january,1988
3.i am a capricorn
4.i love reading and buying books
5.i prefer book shopping to clothes shopping
6.i dont dress up much only when i feel like
7.i have never cut my hair as i am a sikh, so i have extremely long hair..which i really love though i have a tough time sumtimes taking care of it...
8.i want to go outside india once to study or for a short period of time to work..but i dont think i want to stay there forever..
9.i like writing and hope to do some work in some field which invloves using my writing skills
10.i dont enjoy watching movies much..only watch them wen i really feel like which is rare..
11.i love ..absloutelyyy lovvveee real or tropicana orange juice
12.i really like eating ghar ki daal and plain roti..infact i miss eating ghar ki daal a lott.. fond of good watches..rite now i am wearing a titan day when i earn i wud like to buy nice watches for myself
14.i am almost a workaholic..
15.i look upto my brother a well as mum nd dad actually..i adore my family and am too attached to dem..i have 2 best friends..tanvi pradhan and deepak mishra
16.i like cute anklets.. most comfy dress is capris and a tshirt..tats wat i prefer wearin always..
18.i dont care much for fancy shoes..anythnig normal and comfy is fine wid me..
19.i know how to bake chocolate cake
20.i like makin i put cinnamon,pepper,elaichi,ginger etc into it..i enjoy makin tea for myself and for people..
21.i know how to make omelette,maggi,half fried and sandwiches and roti..tats all d cookin i know
22.i like being alone quite often..makes me feel stronger about myself.. lucky number i believe is 3
24.i love playin wid kids..adore babies..can spend hours playin wid dem..
25.i love dogs..playin wid dem..but i dnt want one for my house i think..because im to fussy about il have to keep washing hands after i pet it..:D
26.i dont like wearing gold and dont plan to ever wear it..
27.i like saris..find them very beautiful..tho very uncomfortable..
28.i love my laptop
29.i work in a startup which requires me to write articles..its a lot of fun..
30.i dont care about anyone except my immediate family in my in only care about mama, papa and not attached to anyone else..
31.i like blogging:D
32.i talk nonsense and write nonsense when i am running out of things to talk or write about:D:D:D
33.i like soft music..jagjit singh..and others..but everything soft..
34.i like dancing at family weddings a punjabi music
35.i was born in amritsar
36.i have stayed in moradabad(UP) for 1 year, bareilly(UP) for 4 years, chandigarh for 3 years and then mumbai for 6 years.. favorite city is mumbai..lived there the longest ever i have lived anywhere..6 years is long for someone who has to move every 3 years..
38.i am single and dont plan to get committed ever..
39.i am thin height is 5 feet 1.5 inches..which is short:(
41.i love the colour blue..tats my favorite..
42.i like eating chicken favorite chinese restaurant is "legacy of china"in mumbai..but havent been there since my parents got transferred to chandigarh..
44.i like the colour mahrun also
45.i used to write poems wen i was its been ages since i have written a poem
46.i have written 2 short of which i like..
47.i like decorating my house...or my room..really like buying nice stuff for home..
48.i like sleepin on the mattress on the floor rather on on d bed..
49.i can be very i just swallow my sarcastic comments at im scared of being mean..
50.i own a nokia 1100..will change the cell when i start earning..:D
51.i am a kid at times..actually lots of times..
52.i dont drink or smoke..and dont like people smoking and drinking either..because no 1 in my family does i am not used to it..
53.i blush easily:D
54.i suck at sports
55.i like acting..its fun..
56.i loved paf 2k7 ..i miss d lukha after every dramatics event a lot..i keep hopin tat the event wil never end coz i luv d lukha so much..
57.i love curd and hav survived eating mess food for 2 years till now only because of curd..
58.i loved my 2 years of JEE preparation..
59.i pray everyday
60.i have an elder im the youngest sibling..tats y i am pampered the most:D:D
61.i like small earrings..not big ones..
62.i never wear makeup..max i can apply is kajal tat too once in a blue moon
63.i dont drink colddrinks except sprite sometimes..
64.i used to cry very i dont ..not tat often atleast:D
65.i like being gifted soft toys..i bought myself one recently..
66.i am very fussy about cleanliness..
67.i am not close to much people..
68.i love talkin to people in punjabi..its a lot of fun..
69.i believe in ganpati a goin to siddhivinayak
70.i have a collection of ganpati idols
71.i attend classes regularly so am sort of a muggoo..
72.i like hss courses more than my engineering courses..
73.i admire barkha dutt
74.i like
75.i love natural's icecreams and orange bar
76.i love rains..i love the fragrance of wet mud..
77.i am too talkative and sum ppl call me chatterbox:D
78.i used to love watchin FULL HOUSE on TV blog is named after a poem i wrote..which was on d funda..that every color represents something..
80.i am scared of railway tracks a i dnt like travellin in trains much..
81.i like mcdonald's strawberry shake
82.i hate lizards, cockroaches nd d restX(
83.wen am at home i chat a lot..not in college tho.. pretty organised..i am fond of buyin stationary a lot..nd like writin my notes nd all wid a number of different pens..
85.i had braces in shool
86.i wear lenses
87.i really believe in d fact that u can do nythin if u really want to..its all a matter of ur thnkin..
89.i am watchin a tv series called "virudhh" on TV..its nice for a change..
90.i hav never owned a bike:((..and dunno how to drive:(
91.i like coffee a lot..frappe..aah even thnkin makes me crave:D
92.i like k serials sometimes as i criticise dem a hell lot..nd dey make me laugh:D:D
93.i dnt eat wen am angry:D
94.i knw three languages-hindi english nd punjabi:D..nd titbits of tamil..:D..nd sign language too..
95.i like shopping only in mumbai
96.i luv havin breakfast at home on sunday mornings..french toast..baked beans..nd d rest..
97.i dnt like huge parties..or places which are too loud..i wud always prefer a quiet restaurant to a disc..(i have never bin to a disc waise:D)
98.the last movie i watched was "the pianist"
99.i like Ferroro Rocher a lott
100.i find it tuff writin 100 things about myselfX(..nd thankful its over..


Saurabh Harsh said...

nice collection..didn't really have time to read all of that about you..
but a few..
i like HSS courses more than engineering ones.
i attend classes.
i cry too much.
i don't enjoy watching movies.
i like curd....oh god mess curd stinks...i miss the ghar ki dahi..:)cmon gal...

Ravali said...

mine is longer still :D:D:D

Anonymous said...

u bored??what will happen to others...lolz..

wdp said...

nice list....but...nothing new, I knew everything :D

Anonymous said...


Guess Who....????

rishabh said...

ur beautifull...

gurveen said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

My name is also Gurveen. I am 10 years old and live in london. It was very facinating reading about you as you have the same name as me. Do you know what the name Gurveen means? I have asked my mum but she doesn't know.