Tuesday, May 29, 2007

life dese days..

i visited a newspaper office for the first time..:):)..but it was nothing as i had imagined..as in i had imagined a certain frenzy which was not there..i picturised it as

people running around
phones ringing
reports being typed in urgency
discussions on

and so on....
typical movie style image isnt it?but it wasnt like tat..it was very peaceful like normal offices..

anyways, JEE result is going to be declared tomorrow..destiny and future of loadsa people is to be decided again..i still remember wen my JEE result came out..i was so happy..the only thing i cared about is tat i wanted to get into IITBombay...in any stream as long as it was a little decent..so when my brother(who was telling me the result from IITB) told me my rank..1699..the only thing i asked him was will i get into IITB?he said ya ull get civil..nd i was satisfied:)..infact i was satisfied for my every result..not like some ppl i knw..i was congratulating this girl who got 95% in 10th and i said "so congrats..khush ho fir" and she replied"nahi didi..science me aur aa jaate to 97-98 touch ho jaata na..so khusb nahi hun"..i was pretty shocked..i mean 95% nd ur unhappy..i was happy with my 5000 result in AIEEE also:D..which is bad....but wen u don't expect anythng...i guess everything seems good:)

and am a little bored now at home..not much..but just tired of being inactive..i guess am too used to working hard..coz dis sem was busy like hell...and now iv become so used to being busy..tat being free is a little difficult..but lets see..im trying to find something to do..if i succeed..il post on the blog:D:D..

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wdp said...

find somethign creative to do..like, start writing a book.