Saturday, May 26, 2007

miss you mumbai

it rained today
and i missed you
i went for a movie
and i missed you
i went shopping
and i missed you

tats the teeny weeny bits tat really make me miss mumbai..a lott..miss you mumbai rains..miss you multiplexes(and ur popcorn)..miss you shoppers stop..overall i miss the buzz of the city..the fact tat it keeps me hell busy with everything..

things i miss having there
lemon chicken:legacy of china(andheri)
herbal panini(barista)
the courtesy of the sales people there
shoopiinnnnnnnn( i dont end up likin stuff here:( )
and the fact tat it makes me feel at home

tho mumbai is technically not my hometown nor have i been there since childhood..but have been there for 6 years nows and it somehow i have fallen in love with it..its a city which adopts you..its the city where i want to spend my entire life..i want my job there..and i want to retire there too..
aamchi mumbai:):)
miss youuuuu


wdp said...

I miss mumbai too.

vbansal said...


i love d city as much n dat too just in half the time u mentioned..

talk about missing it!!
i know how i feel about it after 2 weeks in bhopal!!

Ravali said...

i am here...maybe jus coz i miss it too... thrs life down here (not jus in iitb) even aftr 10:00...which i dnt see when i am i hyd (maybe more close to mumbai life than chandigarh as i dnt miss ne of the other things tht u mentioned since i have it here:D )i have to have dinner b4 its 10:00pm if i dine at 11:30 i can decide tht i wanna have dinner outside :)

Ravali said...

and u shud mention tht u changed ur blog name if u do X-( .... was searching for more than 20 min overlooking this one thinking it was jus an old blod >:P

gurveen said...

oh am sorryy ravaa..actually i tht since bloggin address is same..ppl wud cum to knw..
nd mumbai's an awesome city..ur lucky to be there:):)

Anonymous said...

missing the roads in between potholes or the overcrowded trains and buses or the flooded streets or the slums..................

gurveen said...

im missin d fact that its safe for me to go alone out at 12 in the nite there..
and i can travel at 12 in the buses and trains alone..
and the fact that the city never sleeps..
and that it respects individuality and originality..
and that there is no show off there.
so if the slums and potholes are a part of all dis..i can very well ignore them..or rather love them too..