Thursday, May 31, 2007

How to cook a K serial

*minimum of two spouses of every person
*one plastic surgery
*one critical disease(varies between blood cancer and tumour)
*one extramarital affair
*one kidnapping
*one jealous saas
*one or two rapes
Sprinkle vamps to garnish
and add misunderstandings according to taste


Rutika said...

Love this :) we should write our own script too, if ur enthu sometime :D

gurveen said...

sure nytime:D

wdp said...

Include some cacophonus background with some callipygian babes with aphrodisiac look. :D

gurveen said...

oh no they dont have many beautiful females in TV dese days..any normal face will do for them..the only criteria is that they should be able to cry well:D:D..

artohlas said...

u forgot the following items...
1) Camerman who is obsessed with taking close ups of shocked family members
2) Sarees, lipstick and coloured lenses, among other things, all of the same colour :P

gurveen said...

hehe yup..the zipp zappp zooopp of d camera as one of my frnds had put it..:D..
and also the slap which has to be repeated thrice:D:D

vikas said...

oh how can u forget whom r u serving too ... our very own Home-Ministers & Co. [:P]

gurveen said...

hehe tats true..

navi achariya said...

pls update blog.
it is nice