Monday, June 18, 2007

The 7 weeks Itch..

Bin about 7 weeks at home...and finally bored..and feel like doing something hands are itching..and so are my feet actually( for travelling)..i may just go on a fantabulous trip in a week..but nothing is confirmed so i cant even be happy about that:(..
over the last week i have tried movies, cooking, writing , reading ,photoshop and even pot painting...but the damn creative itch doesnt stop..i guess i need to be working on finally tired of being lukha..
even reading is making me feel more inactive coz shantaram is too active a book...
God, i need workkkk..make me busy pleasseee
any suggestions on what to do:( ?


$udhi said...

how about doing dept project :P :))
ya fir ki jee institute ko join karle part time
achha tp ho jayega

~$udhi :)

aarathi said...

ya go bac to bombay and start the proj:P

wdp said...

learn french.. or teach some kids around. :)

gurveen said...

thnx for all da suggestions..waise im goin on a problem solved:D