Friday, June 15, 2007

When God closed his eyes..

what the nazis did..the tortures that hitler subjected the jews to..the destruction..the barbarism..the utter senselessness of those years..the killing of humanity and of everything humane still surprises me everytime i come across an example showcasing that terror..
Recently I happened to watch two movies both on the same cause-"the pianist" and "life is beautiful"
It showed how old people and young children were taken to (supposedly) showers and instead killed in the gas chambers(sealed chambers connected by pipes to cylinders of carbon monoxide) there..It showed the ruthlessness of the soldiers doing it..carrying out the instructions they had received coldly, with no mercy..How did Hitler manage to convince them all..How was he able to turn them into such monsters..It is said that every man has a devil inside him..i guess somehow Hitler was able to inspire that devil to come out and carry out inhumane crimes in the name of race purification..I want to read "mein kampf" next see what was inside his mind..his justification for all of it..
One of hitler's steps was to start legalized which he started eliminating all those who were mentally or physically disabled or were chronically ill, his reason for this being that such people were "unproductive national comrades"..what the if life is to be lived only while you're productive..and if you live a productive life, you're bound to become unproductive someday when your body becomes tired..and then according to hitler, you should be killed as you are of no use..
All this also makes me wonder what had happened to God in all these years..Did He just close His eyes and ears..but then i guess, why blame God for the atrocities by mankind..


ravali said...

welll...maybe hitler decided at a point tht he was unproductive too...maybe thts y he killed himself :D

try also schindler's list ...its in the top 250
and hotel rwanda (this is more modern)
and no man's land

all 3 r really good...hotel rwanda and schindler's list r almost equal... no man's land is good and diff too
its siberian or whtever...:)

विकास कुमार said...

brutal things are still going on. But, we always love to criticize past instead of shaping present and future. ironical. isnt it?

gurveen said... try the movies wen i cum bak to the insti..
@vikash:not ironical really..we should know our past so we dont repeat the mistakes..past is important to shape your present and future also..

Rahul said...

hmm......god will always close his eyes, unless people act for what they think is right.

It's very important in such situations to hold on to your own conceptions of what is right and what is wrong and not give in to the explanations and co-ercement of society as happened here and as happens during riots in India.

When you allow others to persuade and influence you, then even the most ethical, rational, educated person can behave like a lunatic

gurveen said...

tats true i guess..we should lead r lives according to what r own brains tell us..

nimit said...

well i have read mein kemf and didnt understand much of it ..... it is mostly hatred against jews .
now to answer your question why hitler influenced so many people ...
well you see after 1st world war germany was crippled by allies and at that time and the government which was up was a kind of puppet of allies much like what US is doing in iraq and afghanistan .
At that time nazi party emerged ...SNATCHED power . FOr doing such a thing always in history according to lenin 3 things are needed for revolution
1. bad handling of country
2. a leader
3. a cause
germany had above 2 and with blaming jews he provided a cause .
also when hitler came he did good work for germany as well such as infrastructure development, luftwaf ... much of it we see today in germany ( esp mechanical students like me ) so he won the confidence of people of germany that here is a person who will take them out of misery ...also there was great depression ..during which he provided jobs to german ...

what he did can never ever be thought of .... and it is cruel ...but yes he was an able general and if he would not have been in love then the world history would be different .

and yes even the allies did many atrocities ... they never come out .... cuz always remember ...history is victor's story ... and in this case hitler was at losing end

gurveen said...

hey thanx..never knew all dis i guess mein kampf is not to be read...

yash said...
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yash said...

Don't forget General Pol Pot , another megalomaniac , killed millions of Cambodians during his regime.

canadian girl said...

God didnt close his eyes..he wept for the death of his children..
he gave us free will. it was hilters choice and the choice of all his naive followers and it is a scary thing when a charismatic leader like hilter can actually convince people that extermination of a race is the solution. understanding is the solution...the people that hilter is responsible for killing had done nothing wrong..they were everyday people like you and me. what really makes me angry is the fact that people in this world are denying that this happened. its time for people to read again!