Wednesday, June 13, 2007

my first photoshopgiri..

i knw its amateurish..but still putting it up..


ravali said...

cutey cute :)

wdp said...

background color selction is nice. keep it up :)

gurveen said...


Deepak Kumar Mishra said...

1.The gal wid red tentacles looks like winnie:) sorta catchin nd makin everybody
2. The fat yellow bear seems like sum lover arrested by d tiger of destiny.
3.Tom nd jery are like running to find a girl who just got single...;)
4.Sum like donald is tryin to please her by makin "FUNNY" faces.
5. Sum r impressing d princess by sayin "I am what i am"
6.The flyin jet is like a spectator or like a commentor say it RAVALI
7.Cudn't find ne ugly guy so i think im missing......

Gr8 creative piece of art...:D

Rutika said...

This is soo cute!!

gurveen said...

@mishra:hehe..u found out the unintended hidden meanings:))..the funniest nd d best comment iv ever received..thnx:D