Monday, June 18, 2007

Orkut pe Chirkutgiri

hey friends guess wat i juss got a twin sis..i hav always wanted a sis..and yippeee today i got one..and tat too an elder sis...only problem being that we are twins also somehow...tho r age is not the same..
aaha confused?
well u see someone stole my profile pic on orkut and created a new bogus profile with my name and pic...Well i was angry initially, but then i realised isnt imitation the best form of flattery;) a 23 year old aping me..aah mayb I shud take it as a compliment..

If you use orkut, thats me
and thats my clone(imposterX(X( )

So please do take out time and report abuse or atleast ignore the second user...


$udhi said...

wah judawa aur badi sister
treat toh banti hai :P

~$udhi :)

Deepak Kumar Mishra said...

And guess who desrves the biggest trt??

To the person who found out this "KUMBH KE MELE MEIN BICHDI HUI BEHEN"

Also the abovesaid person was the first choice of the new born sister for scraps.

And that hero is none other than ME

So kab aur kahan ho rahi ahi trt??

gurveen said...

haan waise treat to banti hai..after all choti sis ko kisi ko bhi mil sakti hai..natural hai:D..but badi sis to rare hoti hai na..
lekin mishraji mainland china ki to aukaat nahi..uske liye bada reason chahiye hoga..shack kaisa rahega:D:D

wdp said...

its good that u guys are making fun of it. But, it may be dangerous.

I'll suggest you again to remove your pictures from your album.

gurveen said...

ya already removed pics from album..

ravali said...

this is ur profile link and not the one tht u pasted thr :P
the one u pasted leads to individual homepage of whoevers accnt u log ni frm :P

ravali said...

maybe i shud also remove my pics frm orkut...but i like them thr :(