Friday, June 22, 2007

i cant think of a title and i know it is cliched putting this as a title..

Im off for a my seven week itch somes to an end..(mayb couples wid seven year itches shud also solve da problem da same way:D:Dgo on trips)..anyways going to mussoorie and den to singapore(or singa-freaking-pore as salhotra said or singa-f%$%ing-pore as shantaram said) PJs above indicate my happiness and excitement so dont mind them:D

went shopping today..and went inside a book shop for about five minutes..intoxicated me really..made me realise tat i can so easily spend a fortune on books..infact once i start working i am going to start collecting books of a genre called "coffee table books"..which are basically books(normally highly illustrated) you keep in da drawing room..something u can skim through while sipping tea or even guests can have a look..dont require continous reading..( i think the first i will buy wud be"to be or not to be"..tats amitabh bachhan's biography)

was just browsing for coffee table books and chanced upon this book on sikh marriage ceremonies reminding me of one ceremony i love which is da choodha ceremony..u must have noticed the mahrun bangles that newly married punjabi girls wear(if not see below)..those bangles called da choodha are dipped in milk nd slipped on to the bride's wrists by her maternal uncle just before the wedding..somehow i find dis ritual very sweet..

so bbye adeos sayonara for a week i guess..give your eyes rest coz there will be no blogs for somedays now..:):)


$udhi said...

happy journey!
have fun
dher sari shopping karna singapore mein
khub masti marna :D
wish you a pleasent and happy tour!!

~$udhi :)

wdp said...

enjoy the tour. :)
singa-$%^*^&&-pore is nice place

Ravali said...

I was ur 1000 visitor aftr u put the counter :D
hope ur having a good time...and maybe u cud suggest me places to go...coz i mite b goin thr this diwali or christmas :)

gurveen said...

thanku..saw dese comments after comin bak:)..really enjoyed..