Thursday, June 14, 2007

Why i think love is crap

Well I have been asked a number of times why i hold such a view on love and relationships and today "bammm", I found some lines said by Karla, the female protagonist in Shantaram which so fitted all my i loving reading the book!!!

"Most loves are like that, from what i can see. Your heart starts to feel like an overcrowded lifeboat. You throw out your pride to keep it afloat, and your self-respect and your independence. After a while you start throwing people out- your friends, everyone you used to know. And its still not enough. The lifeboat is still sinking, and you know it's going to take you down with it. I'v seen that happen to a lot of girls here. I think that's why I'm sick of love."


nimit said...

well then i think that you have got a very skewed notion of love cuz if you have to throw your "pride" and your "self respect" out then the person is not worth it . it is not love which is crap the person for which it is intended definitely is .

gurveen said...

u see most loves i hav seen arnd me hav bin of dis kind..wen friends and everythng else is cant help my view:D

wdp said...

funny thoughts.

Love is not about throwing away your pride/self respect. But, its about understanding the fact that your pride is unified with the person you love.

And its not at all about giving your friendship and other things up, but to feeling the fact that the person you love is more important.

Like nimit said, you seem to have a skewed notion of love. And there is a high possibility that you misunderstood the love you have seend around you. :)

gurveen said...

@wdp:"And its not at all about giving your friendship and other things up, but to feeling the fact that the person you love is more important"

dont really agree..infact the person you love should encourage you to give importance to others which normally doesnt that makes you give up your friends and independence is pretty senseless and thats wat happens mostly..

Ravali said...

well sumtimes it does happen tht the person u love doesnt demand it....but u r ready to giv it up since all tht matters to u is this one "Mr. Perfect" or like Pheobe says....ur Lobster :) and when u really come across tht person...u'll realize this is wht u were waiting for and u wanna giv nething away jus to make this work...and once it works..u'd realize u just put all other things away in a seal proof crate and tied it with a rope to follow u with ur lifeboat jus not giving it the burden and weight...and then when u feel the security and safety ...jus turn around...and everything is jus as it was...but jus tht its in a box waiting to b opened.
i knw its stupid logic...but like i said if its actually the Mr right....then i think ur friends...ego..pride....nething for tht matter cud jus wait for a little time till u got back to them...and this guy is definetly not goin to stop u frm goin back...and falling in luv is definetly worth it :)

artohlas said...

hmm... i have seen many of my friends spend a lot(and i mean a looooot) of time online/on the phone to talk to their gf's. They barely talk to anyone else, and their social life is largely compromised. I never saw what they achieved with that, and in cases such as these, I totally agree with your viewpoint.

But ofcourse, there are a few cases I know where this boat does not sink, and people manage their lives pretty well. I think they probably have worked things out well :)

But one thing is for sure.... love is overrated, and hyped up to the point of no return

gurveen said...

@ravali:sometimes the rope with which you tie that crate breaks so a knot has to be made to join it..and that changes everythng..
@artohlas:finally someone who agrees with my view:D is definitely overrated

Abhipreet Das said...

Given the topic, it is but inevitable dat ppl wud lv 2 disagree.
I won't open the plethora of my thoughts on d above, bt must say, a real sensitive n arguable statement put nicely, n yet bluntly. :)

Ravali said...

optimism....u still have the rope and the crate firm :)

Deepak Kumar Mishra said...

I do not agree neither do i disagree :) Just think that i m too young to comment on that.
The world may be a little more than a life boat or a rope+crate system:P:D
Wil definatley like to comment if sumhow i am able to isolate LOVE from LIFE and make a free body diagram of it...:P:D