Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hues Of Life

I see a painting
colours splashed on
brush strokes put in
hues spread across the canvas
i realise its analogy to life..

different hues
different moods
heart, the painter
face, the canvass
a way of expression
moods, thoughts
instincts, fears
come out on the canvass so clear

red is love
the strongest emotion
the boldest colour
shadows out all other hues

black means hurt
lonliness and pain
envy and revenge
angry and insane

yellow is friendship
the truest emotion
bright like the sunbeam
thats always indispensably there

white is purity
peace of mind
clarity of thoughts
confidence and sure

blue is stability
sincerity in thinking
unshaken determination
firmness of purpose

gray is melancholy
a somber shade
like the dark clouds
it casts a shadow of gloom

green is energy
livliness in views
enthusiasm to move forward
zeal to continue

indeed, life is a painting
an assembly of moods
a cluster of colours..

wrote this when i was in 11th standard..My blog is named after this poem..


nclgirl said...
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nclgirl said...

Its a lovely poem Gurveen. And you wrote it when you were just in class 11th! Wow! I specially liked the lines
"different hues
different moods
heart, the painter
face, the canavass"

Why don't you give a permanent link to it in the sidebar of your blog?

gurveen said...

thanx so much:)

wdp said...

I like this poem very much. Thnx for putting it here.

$udhi said...

nice one gurveen

~$udhi :)

gurveen said...

@wdp and sudhi:thanx again:)

Dizzy said...

hey,nice poem for a 11th standard student.although i dont really agree with all your associations with colors

Dizzy said...

btw,akshat bansal here...n i honestly dont intend to flirt thru blog as most ppl wud think :P